Key Business Benefits of a Tablet App


For those who live and breathe apps, few things match up to a 7-inch screen running your favorite app. Whether it’s the largely professed mother of all tablets, the iPad, or any of Google’s exotic range of tablet devices, a tablet app does things hard to be replicated by any Smartphone.

That explains precisely the induction of a dedicated tablet apps section on Google Play. The Store now has an exclusive section of tablet apps dedicated to all the ‘big-screen’ apps ever launched on Android. Apple already has a well-established flow to the tune of over 300,000 iPad apps, which points to a flourishing tablet apps market in itself.

Here are some other good reasons that make going for tablet app development a worthy move:

1.Tablets are better oriented for future: In the days of Youtube, Netflix,MySpace, and Hulu, video watching has gone mobile. Smartphone and tablets are constantly being tailored to deliver high-quality video experience, and that’s where tablets score big on screen size and HD display features. This puts the tablet ahead of the smartphone with its larger screen real-estate and also adds up to the projected 377 million tablet devices sold by 2016. And that’s without accounting for 4G streaming and browsing.

2.Mobilisation: Sometimes it may seem hard to picture the tablet for mobility, but think about all those business devoted to deploying tablet apps for presentations, updating leads, checking sales figures, and actively engaging with tangible business metrics and analytics. Evernote is a classic example of a business tablet app that completely changed the dynamics of data organization and aggregation. The increasing use of tablet apps in things such as cars, flights etc for navigation and safety is again a pointer of the opportunities to innovate and mobilise.

3.Productivity: As a business, integrated access to the web, email, and internal IT network is a great workflow boost. There are some great tablet apps already doing this, and there is space for many more. New tablet apps innovations that can increase productivity are in hot demand as tablet apps forge ahead in the business space. Simple example is HD video calling—there are huge number of such apps on Google Play and Android—adding a whole new dimension to business management.

4.Tablet is just as good as the smartphone, if not better: The tablet provides a better experience for browsing, gaming, streaming, emailing, and just about everything the smartphone does. Much as mobile apps are taking over computer tasks of old, every smartphone activity can be mapped on the tablet, including voice and GPS and with new technologies like Cloud and Internet of Things gaining more control of over our daily lives, the tablet is surely headed for greater consumer space and engagement. Some businesses have already innovated ‘paperless’ processes by switching to tablets, saving costs and creating a positive impact on their users.

At Softwaredevelopers UK, we optimize the rich tablet screen real estate to be a perfect fit for your business needs. With dedicated tablet designers, developers, and programmers, we grasp your business needs the best and transform them into a tablet application.

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